This is a rewrite of the forminput example from Wicket. It should demonstrate that you need a lot less Wicket code to achieve the same results in invesdwin-NoWicket. To be specific, the Wicket example has 584 lines of java code, while this example has only 314 lines of java code, not counting the HTML files which are mostly generated here (measured with sloccount at the time of writing this example). Also instead of using a table-layout, we transformed it into a nicer bootstrap-grid-layout for which the HTML was mostly generated and we just had to move things around and modify it a little bit. We also added functionality to check for dirty on the reset button and show a warning dialog that needs to be confirmed (there is also a junit test for this, see Regarding internationalization, we go a bit further than the Wicket example by showing you how to use GuiService.i18n() in models, wicket:message in the HTML and how to use properties for enum constants despite the usual label properties demonstrated by Wicket.

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