This is a rewrite of the "wizard for creating a new user" example from Wicket. Here we do not use the wizard extension from Wicket, but instead implement our own wizard to demonstrate more of the framework. Click one of the buttons below to walk through the wizard either in page form or in modal form. Both variations share the same code (which demonstrates the degree of reuse possible with invesdwin-NoWicket). If you want to compare the lines of code, this example has 613 lines of java code, while Wicket ones has 304 (for the create user sample) plus additionally 1093 lines of java code for the wizard extension, thus 1397 lines of java code (measured with sloccount at the time of writing this example). Not counting the HTML, which is mostly generated here. Also keep in mind that the wizard implementation here was not designed for general reusability. Instead it is supposed to be an example of how one can go about implementing this when wanting to keep all flexibilities.